Going Green Could be Getting Simpler in Tallahassee

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Tallahassee, FL - Going Green could be getting simpler in Tallahassee.

Marpan recycling in Tallahassee handles a lot of our recyclable stuff everyday. You know the drill - put your cardboard in one bin, cans in the other - but single stream recycling could change all that.

Kim Williams, Marpan Recycling, stated, "this allows you to put it all in one container, without splitting it up, you don't have to sort your recyclables, you just simply don't put garbage in your container."

With single stream recycling, plastic, aluminum, glass, cans, paper, doesn't matter! it will all go into one bin, and all go to the same place and get sorted out there.

Marpan invested four million dollars into the project that will automatically sort all the recyclables, simplifying the process for the customer. It's something the city says they're seriously looking into.

Reese Goad, COT Utility Business & Customer Services, stated, "we're in that process of doing a competitive selection of a vendor that can actually provide single stream so we can make it easier for our customers with the goal of recycling more material."

The city's current recylcing contract expires in the fall of 2013.

Marpan is one of six companies expected to bid on the city recycling deal.

The city did want to make this clear - do not start putting all your recycling in one bin just yet, they have not yet moved to single stream recycling.

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