Golfers Hold Tournament To Help Men Shot At Timberland Ford [GALLERY]

By Julie Montanaro
April 29, 2014

Two of the three men shot at a Perry car dealership in February met for the first time today on the golf course.

Our cameras were the only ones rolling as dozens of golfers took a swing at helping the men cover the costs of their recovery.

86 golfers descended on the Madison Country Club for a chance to blast a long drive or sink a long putt, but the score didn't really seem to matter.

"How's your golf game today?"

"Mine's pretty good, if my partners were better..." Perry Police Officer Jay Ricketson said with a laugh.

The golfers plunked down 50 bucks a head to help three men who were shot at Timberland Ford in February: Taylor County Deputy Robert Lundy, General Sales Manager Mike Cook and Business Manager John Mahoney. All three survived a shooting rampage and Lundy shot and killed the man pulling the trigger.

"Hey Robert, I'm Mike Cook."

"Hey Mike, it's good to meet you Mike," Lundy said as the two shook hands.

Lundy and Cook saw each other for the first time since the shooting right here on the edge of the 7th green.

"I think it's just knowing how much worse the outcome could have been if you weren't there," said the wife of Timberland Ford's owner.

"It's great to see him doing well and seeing all the individuals out here, so it's a great day," Mike Cook said.

John Mahoney was not able to make it to the golf course today.

"I thank the Lord to still be here and to be able to talk to you. I'm glad that it wasn't a worse situation than it was," Lundy said.

"I mean that was crazy," Timberland Ford owner Bret Falicon said. "It was like a bad dream. Everything was in slow motion, the whole experience. I never ever want to go through anything like that again."

The gathering storm kept golfers in the clubhouse for a little while, but the sky cleared and they returned to the course. One of them said it wasn't really about the golf anyway.

The Tallahassee Chapter of the Military Order of the Purple Heart also surprised Deputy Lundy. It awarded him two medals including its Medal of Valor, saying he could have ducked down and called for back up but chose to take action instead.

Both Lundy and Cook declined to speak about the shooting itself. FDLE says that investigation is still open.

By: Julie Montanaro
April 29, 2014

More than 80 golfers are teeing it up at the Madison Country Club to help the three men shot inside Timberland Ford in February.

Taylor County Deputy Robert Lundy and General Sales Manager Mike Cook were both on the course shaking hands with golfers and thanking them for their support.

It was also the first time Lundy and Cook have seen each other since the day a gunman opened fire inside the Perry Dealership.

Business Manager John Mahoney, who was also shot that day, was not able to make it to the tournament today.

A representative from The Military Order of the Purple Heart also presented Deputy Lundy with a Medal of Valor.

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