Goodwood Museum Holds Annual Spring Celebration

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By: Emily Johnson
May 4, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - Sunday marked the Old-Fashion Celebration of Spring at the Goodwood Museum & Gardens. They opened the 20 acre property to let guests take in the afternoon of family entertainment at no cost.

"Well we just feel it's a really good time for the community to get out. We hope to introduce Goodwood to people who don't know about Goodwood and to see it's more than the main house, there's the beautiful ground the gardens," said Beth Lewis, Executive Director Goodwood Museum & Gardens.

The Goodwood estate began in the 1830's as a cotton and corn plantation, but since the 20TH century it's been transformed into a museum. A unique feature on the grounds in the swimming pool. It was built in 1912 and is the oldest surviving pool in our region of Florida.

"It's now a reflecting pool. We also have different cottages that were all different things at different times," said Lewis.

Folks were able to enjoy ice cream, games and live entertainment during the celebration. For Niki Lavin and her family today was all about letting her 3-year-old daughter see the gardens.

"To bring the little one out. We've been a couple of times to go to a few of their events and their always nice and wonderful and the day was nice finally so we decided to take a family trip out." said Lavin.

Hundreds of families like the Lavins came to the celebration. For more information on the Goodwood Museum & Gardens you can visit their website at

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