Gov. Scott Signs Death Warrant For John R. Henry

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News Release: Governor Rick Scott's Office

The attached letter was transmitted to Warden John Palmer of Florida State Prison. It pertains to John R. Henry.

On December 22, 1985, John R. Henry traveled to the Pasco County home of his estranged wife, Suzanne. The couple argued and Henry murdered Suzanne by stabbing her repeatedly in the throat with a kitchen knife. Henry covered Suzanne’s body with a rug, and then abducted Suzanne’s five-year old son, Eugene Christian, and drove the boy to Hillsborough County. Henry stopped his car in an isolated area and walked Eugene a short distance off the road, where he stabbed the child in the throat, killing him. A Hillsborough County jury convicted Henry for the murder of Eugene Christian and the court sentenced him to death. A Pasco County jury convicted Henry for the murder of Suzanne Henry and the court there sentenced him to death for that murder as well.

Ten years prior to these murders, Henry stabbed his first wife, Patricia Roddy, to death. Henry killed Suzanne and Eugene three years after his release on parole for that murder.

The execution date has been set for Wednesday, June 18, 2014, at 6 p.m. The death warrant refers only to the sentence connected with the murder of Suzanne Henry. Attached is the transmittal letter as well as the death warrant.

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