Gov. Scott Welcomes Democrat Support Of "It's Your Money" Tax Cuts

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News Release: Governor Rick Scott's Office

Tallahassee, Fla – Florida Governor Rick Scott made the following statement today in response to the House Democratic leadership’s support of key tax cuts in the “It’s Your Money Tax Cut Budget.”

Governor Rick Scott said, “I welcome the support of Florida House Minority Leader Perry Thurston and House Democratic leadership to return hundreds of millions of dollars in vehicle registration fees to Florida’s families. This is a great first step in returning money to hard-working Floridians. We are committed to return $500 million to Florida families this year as part of our ‘It’s Your Money Tax Cut Budget,’ which includes undoing the 54 percent tax increase families saw in 2009 to register their motor vehicles. This has never been government’s money and we are happy to have the support of our colleagues in the legislature.”

News Release: My Florida House

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Florida House Democratic Leader Perry Thurston called for investment in education, health care and job creation, and he laid a framework for how Democratic leadership will advocate for the needs of Florida’s middle class, working families and small businesses.

“As Democratic leaders, we will continue to fight for an effective and efficient government that works for the middle class,” said Leader Thurston, who spoke to reporters alongside Democratic Leader Pro Tempore Mia Jones and Rep. Mark Pafford, the Democratic policy chair who is set to succeed Thurston in November as Democratic leader.

“We strive for a state government that makes investments in public education, health care, and infrastructure so Florida can attract jobs and build an economy for the future,” added Thurston.

During a press conference in Tallahassee, Thurston unveiled a 15-page policy report, “For a Better Florida,” that, he said, represents a vision and roadmap for House Democratic Caucus leaders on several policy fronts, much of which, Thurston said, “can be achieved through meaningful bipartisan legislative dialogue.”

To grow Florida’s economy, Thurston touted support for raising Florida’s minimum wage, repealing fees on consumers, and closing a corporate tax loophole that gives an advantage to certain large multi-state corporations.

Thurston said expansion of health coverage using available federal dollars will remain his top legislative priority as it was in 2013. The Democratic leader also said he hopes the 2014 legislative session will see positive action to make college more affordable, and he called for a “truly historic per-student funding increase” for public education along with statewide implementation of rigorous new student assessment standards.

Representatives Thurston, Jones and Pafford called for legislative action to protect land and water, voting rights, and they urged Republican legislative leaders to embrace Democratic proposals to, among other things, modernize laws on how the state treats non-violent crimes, as well as proposals to better protect people against discrimination.

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