Gov. Scott and FWC Announce Final License-Free Fishing Day For 2013

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News Release: Governor Rick Scott's Office

TALLAHASSEE - Today, Governor Rick Scott and FWC announced December 28 will be the last freshwater license-free fishing day for 2013.

Governor Scott said, “With families already together for the holidays, this will be a great opportunity for loved ones to head to Florida’s freshwater bodies and try out those new rod and reels they got during the holiday season. These license free fishing days are a great way to promote the Sunshine State, while supporting our communities that rely on fishing.”

According to the American Sportfishing Association, Florida had 1.2 million non-resident anglers visit the Sunshine State in 2011, the next highest state was Michigan with 347,029 visiting anglers.

Although no fishing license is required, all other fishing and boating rules and regulations still apply (see for details).

Beginning in 2014, there will be eight license-free fishing days that will fall on the same weekend days from year to year. This will allow anglers to plan fishing trips in advance and businesses and nonprofit groups to create events around these fishing license holidays.

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