New Liberty County Sheriff Promises To Restore Trust

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By Julie Montanaro
UPDATED July 5, 2013

Liberty County, FL - The new sheriff in Liberty County is vowing to boost training of deputies there and restore confidence in the department.

Walter Money - who everyone in town calls Buddy - was appointed by the governor on Wednesday.

Money takes over in the wake of the suspension of Sheriff Nick Finch who was arrested on official misconduct charges last month.

Money says he hopes to bridge the divide created by Finch's arrest.

"My goal is to make sure that we do things in a professional manner and the citizens of Liberty County can look at it and say it's being done in a professional way, that we're not cutting any corners, we're not going to do anything we're not supposed to," Money said Friday.

Money is a retired Coral Gables police officer.

He was born and raised in Liberty County and returned to nearby Calhoun County after he retired.

He has worked as a victim advocate at the Liberty County Sheriff''s Office since 2008.

Money says he will serve as Sheriff until the next election or Finch is reinstated.

Press Release: Governor Rick Scott

Tallahassee, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott announced the appointment of Walter Lee “Buddy” Money, Jr. to serve as Liberty County Sheriff on an interim basis.

Money, 57, has served as the victim’s advocate with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office since 2008. Previously, Money served with the Coral Gables Police Department from 1983-2005. Money serves on various community boards including the Liberty County Senior Citizens Boards, the Liberty County Children’s Coalition, and the Bristol Youth Academy Community Board.

Governor Scott said, “Buddy is a seasoned and effective law enforcement officer and I am confident that he will serve the families of Liberty County with honor and distinction during this interim term.”

Money temporarily replaces the suspended Liberty County Sheriff. He is appointed for a term beginning July 5, 2013.

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