Grade Requirements For HOPE Scholarship Could Lower

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By Greg Gullberg
March 10, 2013

Valdosta, GA - You'd be hard pressed to find a college student that would turn down a scholarship that would fund nearly the entire cost of tuition.

You may be familiar with the "HOPE Scholarship" in Georgia. But some students just don't have the grades to qualify. But that could soon change.

There is a bill working its way through the Capitol in Atlanta that could help thousands of Georgia students get an education, even if they didn't make the best grades in high school. It would lower the grade requirments to get on the HOPE Scholarship, which offers nearly a full ride on college tuition. But it's specific to Technical Colleges and not universities.

Right now students have to have a 3.0 to qualify for the HOPE Scholarship, regardless if they go to a Tech school or university.
This would lower that for Tech Schools only, down to a 2.0.

They can do that without raising taxes because the scholarship is funded by lottery money. And most state leaders it would seem, want to see as many students in college with financial assistance as they can get.

Now the Bill passed in the Georgia House of Representatives Thursday. Lawmakers voted in favor by an overwhelming margin, 169-1 to approve the plan. Now its goes to the Senate for consideration.

If it passes in the Senate, it would seem as good as law, since the final step is a signature from the Governor, one of the bills biggest backers.

Now all this is doing is returning the scholarship back to what it used to be. Just two years ago, state lawmakers raised the grade point average because of a decline in lottery revenues. But now lottery money is back up again, so requirements can come back down.

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