Grady County Closes Roads as Water Increases Dangers for Drivers

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-- Grady County, Ga. -- February 26, 2013 --

Grady County resident Kevin Griffiss said "there's a lot of water on the roads. There's, you know, a lot more to look out for. Also hydroplaning."

That's what has people concerned including emergency management director Jim Ellis. He said as much as twenty inches of rain pummeled Grady County. A total of five roads are also closed including Lower Cairo Road, Martin Lane and Cranford Road. But there's water on many more. Which makes the chances of hydroplaning all the more real.

Ellis said "the rule of thumb is to turn into the spin. Try not to hit your breaks cause that's going to accelerate your spin. But to take your foot off the accelerator number one. Another cause of hydroplaning is when you have it on cruise control."

Ellis says any speed over fifty five miles an hour can trigger your car to hydroplane. And until the water recedes, he reminds everyone to stay vigilant.

Ellis went on to say "especially at night, you don't know what's out there. We are advising cue people to just do essential travel. Don't be out just riding around trying to sight see."

The roads closed in Grady County are as follows:

Martin Lane
Harrell Road
Lower Cairo Road
Cranford Road
Big Slough Road

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