Grady County Gets Grant Funding For Road Projects

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By: Emily Johnson
August 22, 2014

Grady County, GA - "Well it needs paving really bad. there's so many people that live up and down this road and and it's only a short section of road so they should be able to pave it and make it a lot better for everybody," said Bobby Bell, Grady County Resident.

Bell is talking about Lewis Lane in Grady County. The road that's known for causing a lot of people problems is getting a face lift.

$39.7 million in Community Development Block Grants will be spread out across Georgia to help areas like Grady County improve their infrastructure.

"In talking to staff, the fire department couldn't get through there, the ambulance service couldn't get through there when it rains. It's a slushy mess out there," said Carlos Tobar, Grady County Administrator.

It is planned for Lewis Lane along with Yancey Drive, Jamie Road and Walt Drive to get paved by 2015. Grady County first has to complete the environmental documents for the grant before construction can begin.

"Next part is the civil design and the drainage improvements in the road, we're going to work at quick as possible," said Tobar.

William Dodd said it will certainly be helpful to residents, but he hopes child safety will be a priority when construction starts.

"Hopefully they will put speed bumps in here for the children, because we have a lot of children up through here that like to ride their bikes and people like to come through here fast," said Dodd.

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