Grammy Performer Has Local Ties

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By: Garin Flowers
February 11, 2013

Midway, FL - Joseph Amanfu is the proud father of Ruby Amanfu, who sang at the 55th Grammy Awards.

"Yesterday was the first time I watched the Grammy's. I actually recorded it, of course because my daughter was singing," he said.

"You know as a father, I was eating it up, I was really enjoying it."

Amanfu and his family are from Ghana. When Ruby was three years old, he moved the family to Nashville where she grew up. Now she's growing in popularity as a singer and songwriter.

"Since she was in a primary school, she was always wanting to sing, she was doing the national anthem, you know at school functions," Amanfu said.

Ruby now goes on tour with popular musician Jack White. They performed his song "Love Interruption" at the Grammy's Sunday night.

The performance garnered a bit of controversy. Some argue the two used a profane word in one part of the song.

"Ruby knew I didn't really care for the words," Amanfu said.

Nothing about the controversy has been confirmed.

Amanfu says his family has a strong Christian background and although he may not like some of Ruby's lyrics, he will always support her 100 percent.

"I was enjoying it, feeling proud."

CBS executives say a bad word was not used during the performance.

As for Joseph Amanfu, he has lived in Midway since 2003. He says Ruby still lives in Nashville and will continue to pursue her dreams in music.

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