UPDATE: Grand Jury to Review Police Involved Shootings

UPDATE: June 23, 2014
By: Andy Alcock & Chris Gros

Tallahassee, FL - There was no decision made by a Leon County grand jury that was tasked with reviewing two Tallahassee Police involved shootings. They will reconvene tomorrow.

The grand jury was reviewing the shooting at Cheeks Lounge on May 29th and the shooting on Sunday, June 15, near Club Pierre.

In both instances, police reports state the officers were threatened and responded with deadly force. The grand jury is reviewing the actions of five TPD officers in the two cases to determine if they were criminal or not.

State Attorney Willie Meggs had been presenting evidence and calling witnesses since 8:30 a.m. But at 5:13 p.m. jurors, officers and witnesses began to file out of the court room.

Throughout the day officers from each case and their attorneys were called into the court room.

Last month, a grand jury cleared 6 TPD officers in a fatal shooting near the FSU campus. TPD is reviewing that case internally, but those officers are now back at work.

"When there's an internal affairs investigation, unless there's some special circumstances that would need to make the officers suspended or something of that nature, our officers will be out there working again. In this case, there is no impropriety, there is no criminal charge pending," said TPD Spokesman David Northway.

The grand jury will reconvene tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. .

By Julie Montanaro
June 19, 2014

A Leon County grand jury will review two recent police-involved shootings when it meets on Monday, June 23rd.

The grand jury will be asked to review shootings at Cheeks Lounge on May 29th and one this past Sunday, June 15, near Club Pierre.

It is standard procedure for the grand jury in this circuit to review instances in which police use deadly force.

PDF is attached on summary of offenses and probable cause affidavit near Club Pierre

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