Grandmother Leaves Grandchild Inside Hot Car

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By: Emily Johnson
July 25, 2014

Colquitt County, GA - A three-year-old was left inside of a hot car while her grandmother and friend were inside of a hospital.

Moultrie Police Department arrested Carmen Pecina and Shelia Clements Tuesday at Colquitt Regional Medical Center and charged them with reckless conduct. They're accused of leaving a three-year-old inside of a mini van.

The hospital said a staff member was inside of her car when she noticed the girl staring at her from inside the mini van.

The employee then notified hospital security which used a piece of wire to get the van doors open.

"The description that we received was that she had been inside of the car for thirty to forty-five minutes," said Sgt. James Ellis, Moultrie Police Department.

Authorities told us they found the women sitting inside of the OB Ward where the child's mother was actually in labor. When authorities asked who the child belonged to the girl's grandmother,Pecina, said there was no child in the car.

"She at first claimed that she didn't know the child was in the car. The reaction she gave my officers was calm casual," said Sgt. Ellis.

According to the police report officers said Pecina's reaction was not one of a grandparent that had left a child by mistake.

Moultrie Police told us if it weren't for the attentiveness of the hospital employee and the rest of the hospital staff there could have been a very different outcome for the toddler.

"They just did a wonderful job really. If you want to look at it they could have saved that child's life, because when you lock someone in a car the temperature goes up astronomical," said Sgt. Ellis.

We're told the hospital staff gave the little girl juice and water. MPD said the she was picked up by the mother's sister from the hospital. The grandmother (Pecina) and Clements were booked at the Colquitt County Jail, but have since bonded out.

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