Grease on Stove Cause of Devastating House Fire [SLIDE SHOW]

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Bainbridge, GA- Lunch for a Decatur County family ended badly after a stovetop fire completely destroyed their home.

"I heard a phone call come over the scanner that 407 Burgess Street was on fire, which I own 409, and we immediately came back over here to make sure there was nobody in the house or any pets," said Daniel Humphrey, who owns the house next door.

Thankfully, when Humphrey arrived, everyone had already made it out of the house safety. He says the folks that lived there were all out front, watching the devastation unfold.

"I heard the mother say that her Christmas, all of her Christmas stuff that she bought was gone, saying that all of her kids clothes and all of her kids toys and everything was gone," Humphrey said.

The fire happened Thursday afternoon after fire officials say one of the tenants left a pan of hot grease on the stove.

"It's an older house, it had a metal roof and very little insulation in the attic," said Chief Eric Miller with Bainbridge Public Safety. "The fire quickly spread to the attic and caught the roofing tresses on fire."

Investigators say the house is a total loss.

"The framing, the roof structure, the walls are damaged beyond repair. It's going to have to be torn down in order to be rebuilt," said Miller.

The family is receiving help from the Salvation Army. Humphrey, a rental manager in Bainbridge, has also offered one of his rental properties to the family and some furniture to help them get back on their feet.

Bainbridge, GA - Bainbridge Public Safety responded to a house fire yesterday afternoon around 1:30pm in Bainbridge, GA.

The fire started in the kitchen, after a resident home for lunch, left hot grease on the stove unattended.

Authorities report that the home is a complete loss and the residents are receiving aid from the Salvation Army.

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