'Green Monday' Packs a Punch This Year

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Tallahassee, FL - The second Monday in December is called "Green Monday" because of all the money that changes hands.

Today is also the day that all the Cyber Monday purchases finally work their way through the shipping pipeline.

Now, those who didn't shop online are getting the jitters and sending out their holiday presents to make sure they arrive before Christmas.

Even though we are still 15 days away from Christmas, FedEx expects more than 19 million packages to move through its system today which is more than double the company's typical daily volume.

Green Monday is considered the second biggest virtual shopping day for online retailers. According to Comscore, shoppers in the US spent more than $1.1 billion dollars on Green Monday last year.

Due to the popularity of online shipping and all the shipping related promotions for the holidays, FedEx is expecting a record breaking holiday shipping season this year. They estimate that 280 million packages will move through the FedEx system between Thanksgiving and Christmas day, which is up 13 percent from a year ago.

Today is not the last day for free shipping, and it's not even the last day to get packages to their destinations before Christmas using standard shipping - that deadline tends to be December 17th.

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