Gretna Simulcast a Local Hit

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Gretna, FL - About 90 percent of all the wagering that goes on in the entire country is done away from the track by simulcasting, and now a local entertainment facility has offered us an exclusive look at their brand new simulcast room that's now open to the public.

WCTV spoke to the owner about what this means for both players and the community.

It's close to the neighborhood and win money - these are two reasons that Eric Paden is now a regular at the new Creek Entertainment Gretna Simulcast Room.

Marc Dunbar, Onwer, Creek Entertainment Gretna, stated, "it's taken us a number of months to get things worked out so we could offer it to the fans so we're looking forward to giving more and more simulcasting to the fans."

The new entertainment room opened last friday and the goal is to offer an 18 hour a day facility, 365 days a year, that offers patrons a place to eat, drink, play poker and bet on greyhound racing throughout the nation.

Marc Dunbar, Onwer, Creek Entertainment Gretna, also stated, "we're hoping to, in some point in the spring, be able to offer harness racing as well as thouroughbread racing and other quarter horse racing."

The response from the players so far has been positive; as Eric Paden, Simulcast Bettor, states, "this is way better, you have more entertainment coming out for the dogs because a lot of people like to bet on the dogs."

All it takes to play is one dollar and you have a choice to wager your bets through a self service machine or a live teller and according to Dunbar, the only issue now is do they have enough tv's?

To celebrate the new opening and the Creek Entertainment Gretna one year anniversary, they are offering half off of all food just by showing any simulcast bet ticket through Sunday, December 16th.

The facility is open Monday through Thursday from 10am to 4pm and 24 hours a day on weekends.

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