Group Wants to Loosen Regulations on Small Businesses

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By: Matthew Galka
February 11, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Some small businesses in Tallahassee are trying to send a message to President Obama, telling him some of his federal policies are putting a strain on their businesses.

The head of The National Federation of Independent Business says he wants engage in better dialogue with the President on regulations being handed down to small businesses.

The group says that many of the more than 4,000 regulations are designed to help the environment, but Executive Director Bill Hurley believes the government hasn't thoroughly examined how they affect the businesses or the consumer.

"They're environmental protections with a large price tag that end up being paid by the consumer. We can make those judgments on whether or not they should be around or not, but we're trying to shine a light on how much these regulations cost small businesses and in turn cost consumers," said Hurley.

The president of Barineau heating and air in Tallahassee says the HVAC industry will feel the squeeze. An EPA mandate reducing R-22 coolant has driven costs up, but manufacturers are still making units that use it.

Larry Barineau says companies won't be able to swallow the rising prices, and will have to pass that price increase on to the customers.

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