Guardsman Come Home to Quincy

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Quincy, FL - For nine months, hundreds of people have been waiting for their loved ones to get back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Adrienne Stevens has waited nine months to see her boyfriend.

Adrienne Stevens, Military Girlfriend: "I'm probably going to do a little happy dance."

But when the moment came, two days before their three year anniversary, she didn't dance.

There weren't many dry eyes in Quincy Tuesday when 56 men and women from the Florida National Guard came home.

As Staff Sgt Marvin Miller stated, "it was a trying experience but an excellent one. Best thing about it is coming home to family and friends."

And it was the first time Staff Sergeant Thomas Mealor held his four month old daughter.

Staff Sgt Thomas Mealor: "overwhelming. I've had to hold back the tears a couple of times but I've been successful. Trying not to make eye contact. Nothing beats it for sure."

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