Gun Violence

June 17, 2014
Alicia Turner

Gun violence in Tallahassee is on the rise, a city commissioner and the chief of police are going to address the issue Thursday at a town hall meeting.

Zaavon Campbell is a resident of Tallahassee and he said this meeting is more than necessary.

"As a community and as a whole, we all need to come together. It's not about race or gender or none of it, it's just about us keeping our streets safe. Everybody out here we got kids, we got families and for us to protect them that's what we got to do," said Campbell.

Sunday morning was the third time in six weeks a suspect was shot by the Tallahassee Police Department. According to T-P-D these numbers are a byproduct of the rise in crime in the city, with city averaging five gun related incidents a week.

Pastor Rudolph Fergus called for this town hall meeting because he says the only way to get to a solution is to get to the root of the problem.”

"Sometimes people become a product of their environment, and once that happens they don’t really look for the light at the end of the tunnel. They deal with where they are. I believe the city of Tallahassee, in some part and in some way, could bring some programs. They should find some funds. Let’s find something to give these young people in particular something to do, to keep them safe, keep them busy and make sure they return to school in august,” Ferguson said.

Chief of Police Michael DeLeo addressed the public Monday and said the gun violence in Tallahassee is not a new thing to the area.

"We've been trying to make a big effort to make people more aware of it and working with the community to find some solutions. Maybe people are paying a little bit more attention to it right now, but it’s not a new problem, it's not a new challenge that we're facing. Hopefully, this will help drive us to find a collaborative approach to addressing it successful,” DeLeo said.

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