H&M Opens in Governor's Square Mall

By:Alicia Turner
August 7, 2014

H&M held its grand opening today. The retailers say its making a commitment to using a hundred percent organic cloth or better cotton by the year 2020.

The first hundred shoppers were given a t-shirt and a fashion pass worth between thirty and a hundred dollars.

Skyler Matchett, H&M Shopper said, "It's great because I think that Tallahassee is really building as a city and I think this is sort of another testament to how big our city is getting and how diverse and how there is a lot of really culturally relevant and H&M is just so in tune with whats trending whats now and it's really great to get that in Tallahassee."

To receive fifteen percent off of your purchase, H&M is asking that customers bring in unwanted clothes as a part of their recycling initiative.

Shoppers can receive a voucher for each bag donated.

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