Scammers Posing As Tech Giant

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By: Chris Gros
June 13, 2014

Thomasville, GA - Hackers and scammers posing as the very people hired to help those in need.

There have been more than a dozen reports of hackers targeting the elderly in Thomas County. They pose as computer giant Microsoft.

"But with this scam they're really clever. They're posing as Microsoft. Microsoft will not call you. If there's an issue you'll be contacted otherwise more than likely you won't be contacted at all you'll see it on the news," said Thomas County Sheriff Capt. Steven Jones

Scammers call Microsoft product owners to report an issue with their device. They then ask you complete a series of steps to trouble shoot the problem. Once complete, the hackers have complete access to your computer.

"They’re saying they are from Microsoft and there's an urgent security problem with their software where with Microsoft. You've got to log on to your computer immediately so I can walk you through and help you correct this problem and all they're doing is gaining access remotely to your system and once they do they clean all your personal information," said Capt. Jones

Authorities recommend you take these steps if you receive a similar call.

-Ask for a call back number because the hacker will usually hesitate and refuse to hand one out.

-Check for up to date information on phone scams.

-Finally when in doubt hang up and contact your local law enforcement.

Microsoft released this statement when contacted by Eyewitness News.

“Consumers will never receive a call from Microsoft or our partners asking for a credit card number to charge for computer fixes. Cybercriminals often use the names of well-known companies, like Microsoft, to convince people their services are legitimate. Our guidance for consumers is to never provide your personal information to unsolicited callers and or e-mailers, and if they are having a problem with their PC, contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support,” - Microsoft Spokesperson

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