Harlem Globetrotter Basketball Camp

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By: Natalie Rubino
August 5, 2014

Some know him as Harold Williams.

But most know him as lefty, the first ever left handed showman to play on the Harlem Globetrotters.

"That was just amazing being able to travel to 24 countries, all 50 states, seven provinces and Canada," said Williams.

And now, Quincy Florida where he's hosting a free week long basketball camp at the Joe Ferolito Recreation center.

Williams said, "Coming from literally nothing and being poor having nothing, I always said that if I made it out, I was gunna reach back and pull somebody else out.

It's part of his Dare 2 Dream Basketball camp. Lefty began holding the camp in different cities across the country in 2008 to help teach young players like Malik Galloway, who was ecstatic to find out lefty would be in Quincy.

"I said oh my god. That's one of my favorite people I wanted to meet," said Galloway.

But the camp is about more than just teaching the kids the fundamentals about basketball. Lefty says he also wants to teach them how to dream.

"I never thought that the game of basketball would take a guy like me, come from nothing, mentally physically abused as a kid. Take me literally all around the world and do something I never thought I ever could dream or dare to dream could happen."

This week's camp is sponsored by "World Youth Ministries," an organization that's been in the "big bend area" for more than 30-years.

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