Health Risk Associated With GMOs

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By: Emily Johnson
November 11,2011

Tallahassee, FL - "I wanted to hear Dr. Huber because he is a world expert," said Herman Holley of Turkey Hill Farm. He along with many others attended todays lecture at the FAMU Center for Viticulture and Small Fruit Research. The lectures quest speaker was Dr. Don Huber, Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology at Purdue University.

Dr. Huber focused on Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs and the use of the chemical Glyphosate and the health risk associated. "Genetic engineering like we're using it today is more like a virus infection than a breeding program." Dr. Huber said that when the genetic make-up of an organism is disrupted there are many side affects that come into play and the understanding of GMOs need to improve. "We're working off obsolete knowledge. It's old knowledge that was shown to be flawed science with human genome."

Representative Michelle Vasilinda was also on hand at the lecture. Representative Vasilinda is responsible for laying the ground work for House Bill 1. The bill would require GMO foods to be labeled at grocery stores. "As we have interest in what people are eating in regards to trans fats and all those kinds of things people want to know how their food is being produced." Representative Vasilinda plans to introduce House Bill 1 this upcoming session.

Herman Holley of Turkey Hill Farm agrees. "Labeling of human food to indicate whether there is genetically modified ingredients is a very important thing to me. Important enough that I don't eat anything that I don't already know is missing those ingredients."

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