Health Care Concerns for Medicaid

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Doctors and nurses converged on the Florida capitol to protest cuts in Medicaid. Their message was simple.

"These health care cuts don't heal and there's going to be massive bleeding," health care professional Vickie Sullivan said. "I hope that the politicians are ready to clean up after the aftermath of what these cuts will cost."

Health care professionals like Sullivan from across Florida came to protest a proposed 7% across-the-board cut to the state Medicaid program. This is part of the state's overall budget.

This comes on the heels of $500 million in health care cuts in 2011.

"Then we'll have to make cuts in other types of health care coverage for patients, maybe decrease the services for the average patient, increase costs," Lori Power of Martin Health Systems said.

Patients are one of the first things a person might think about when it comes to cutting Medicaid but if these numbers stand, more people could suffer.

"It could affect the economy by us having to lay people off and people lose their jobs in health care. So this is very serious," Sullivan said.

If hospitals are force to slash their budgets again, Joan Sacerio, health care professional, fears the quality of care might suffer.

"If we continue to see cuts, I don't know how long we're going to be able to maintain the same quality of care that we were able to give before."

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