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TALLAHASSEE 9/28/2012 -- Appointments are a way of life for Florida's pediatricians.

Which is why they're miffed, they can't even make one appointment with Governor Scott.

Doctor Louis St. Petery helps head the Florida pediatric society, a group that's been pleading with the governor's health care team for a meeting about the Affordable Care Act.

The law calls on states to pay medicaid doctors more money to provide more care to kids.

But, St. Petery complains Scott's people are refusing to talk specifics.

"Medicaid patients find it difficult to get care with their Medicaid card, and I think that the Affordable Care Act addresses that issue, so stalling does delay the access," said St. Petery.

Access even to basic things like vaccinations.

But, the governor's made it clear he thinks the act, which he calls 'Obamacare', ought to be gutted, even though it's been upheld by America's highest court.

"The right thing to do is, because it was a tax, everybody that said it wasn't a tax, they need to repeal it," said Governor Scott.

For Florida's pediatricians, time is running out, and whether the governor chooses to comply with the Affordable Care Act or not, they argue they're going to have to.

The less time they have to prepare, the fewer appointments they'll be able to offer.

The sooner doctors know what they'll make, the sooner they can begin scheduling patients.

Officially the state argues it can't meet with the pediatric society because of a lawsuit its brought on a different issue.

But St. Petery points out the suit hasn't prevented meetings in the past.

"There's a precedent for sitting down and talking in spite of the fact that there's ongoing litigation," saod St. Petery.

He also says the topic this time couldn't be more important: The health of Florida's kids.

Some doctors think Governor Scott is stalling until after election day, holding out hope for a republican takeover of the White House and the senate that could lead to a repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

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