Jameis Winston Maintains Lead In Heisman Poll

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TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami) – Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston continues to lead in the latest USA Today Heisman Poll, despite a reported investigation into sexual battery claims that came forward last week.

Winston and the Noles put the off-the-field issues aside and destroyed Syracuse last Saturday, 59-3. Winston was 19-21 for 277 yards, 2 touchdowns, and no interceptions against the Orange. For the season, Winston is 185-261 for 2,938 yards, 28 touchdowns, and seven interceptions.

Some pundits have criticized Winston’s numbers for not being as high as those of Bryce Petty and/or Johnny Manziel. However, Winston hasn’t had to play the second-half of many games this season because the FSU offense has been nearly unstoppable with him at the controls.

FSU has pounded the last two teams its faced by a combined score of 118-6.

In the USA Today Heisman poll, Winston placed first with a comfortable lead over Manziel. Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota placed third followed by Alabama’s A.J. McCarron and Baylor’s Bryce Petty.

One remarkable stat on some of the Heisman contenders, combined Petty, Mariota, and Winston have thrown eight interceptions this season, with seven coming from Winston. Mariota and Petty have combined to throw 49 touchdown passes and just one interception, which was thrown by petty in a 73-42 win over West Virginia.

By: Julie Montanaro
November 15, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - State Attorney Willie Meggs says he will try to wrap up a headline-making sexual battery investigation in the next two weeks.

FSU Star Quarterback Jameis Winston is being investigated in connection with that nearly year old case. Winston has not been charged with anything, but some fear it has already impacted his chances of winning the Heisman trophy.

FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston is considered the front runner for the Heisman trophy. Voters will be casting their ballots in the next three weeks.

"The young man's reputation is taking a ding... "

Brent Kallestead, a former Heisman voter here in Tallahassee, says word that Winston is being investigated in connection with an alleged sexual battery won't help his chances.

Brent Kallestead: "I do definitely think it's hurt his chances, regardless of the outcome, which seems to be totally unfair, you know, if he is cleared of this thing I still think it damages his chances."

State Attorney Willie Meggs said Friday he hopes to have a decision in the case within two weeks. That takes the investigation just shy of the Heisman ballots December 7th deadline. Kallestead says whether whether Winston is cleared or not, it will be fresh in the minds of every Heisman voter.

"If you're on the fence, you weigh those type of things."

Winston's attorney-- who has repeatedly said the quarterback is cooperating with the investigation and did nothing wrong-- is hoping Heisman voters and everyone else won't rush to judgement.

"The university's doing the right thing...Um, so is the football coach and team in doing their job and letting law enforcement do theirs."

Ron Sachs is in the crisis communication business. He says FSU is handling the situation as it should but says a high profile player like Winston will pay a price.

Ron Sachs: "Perhaps an impact on the Heisman voting in the short term, even if he is cleared and that would be tragic, because if somebody this this in a calculated way to undermine his prospects for the Heisman, or undermine his game, that's despicable..."

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