Tallahassee Family Gives Away Helmets In Memory of Son

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

May 11, 2013

Tallahassee, FL-- "Big brother that pushed me to be the best that I can be just like he was out here pushing the kids that he coached," said Brandon Simpkins.

Brandon Simpkins' lost his 22 year old brother Tyler, after a long boarding accident in March. Tyler was not wearing a helmet during the fall causing blunt force trauma to the head.

"We didn't believe it," said Cullen Farrington, a friend of Tyler Simpkins. "It just did not really register with us."

Tyler coached long-boarders here in Tallahassee for years. Now the kids that he trained and family members are giving back.

Saturday, friends and family provided free helmets to kids of all ages to help protect families from having to relive the same pain.

"Prevent this kind of thing from happening hopefully again to another family," said Terry Simpkins, the Father of Tyler Simpkins.

Tyler's friends say the helmet drive will help his memory live on.

"People will definitely be impacted on this and definitely start wearing helmets more often," said Ra Astolis, Friend of Tyler Simpkins.

"If we can change a few lives today and put a few helmets on a few people's kids and a few people's head it will raise awareness on helmet safety," said Brandon Simpkins.

The event partnered with the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital NeuroScience Center and the TMH Foundation. The event had experts on hand teaching people how to properly put on a helmet.

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