Helping Find Runaway Pets After Firework Shows

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While you were enjoying the fireworks Friday, your pet probably wasn't.

July 5th is one of the busiest days for animal shelters.

That's because dogs and other pets often get scared and run away from home when fireworks are set off.

If you've lost your pet, folks from Tallahassee Alive recommend using the social media site,

They also say instead of calling the local animal shelter, show up in person.

"There's a lot of paper work they have to do before they have a dog in their system. So if they have found your dog and it has been picked up and taken to the shelter, you have a better chance of finding it sooner if you go in and look for yourself," Samantha Parks of Tallahassee Pets Alive said.

Since many people will continue to celebrate throughout the weekend, Parks says to bring your pets inside when fireworks are going off.

She also says write the dog's name on its collar with a marker since sometimes tags fall off.

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