Closing of Miracle 5 Theater Saddens Community

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August 12, 2011 10:50 PM

A local theater that's been around for decades will fade to black this Sunday, August 14th.

But before its curtains close for good, folks say they'll pay their last tribute to Miracle 5.

The Tallahassee Network of Young Professionals put together a tailgate event starting Saturday at 5:30 p.m.

More than 200 members already said on Facebook that they'll be attending.

A Regal Cinema spokesperson says Miracle 5 was an under-performing theater.

It's been around since the 60's. Network members say they're not letting the doors close in silence.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Many in Tallahassee say first their favorite reading spot was taken away when Borders announced it was closing.

Now, their one-of-a-kind movie theater is leaving town.

They say it's another blow to the community.

Eyewitness News has confirmed that Miracle 5 movie theater in Tallahassee will be closing.

Movie-goers are finding out that they only have a few days left to come to the decades-old theater.

Now showing: Page One, A Better Life, Beginners, Tree of Life.

These are ironic movie titles for a theater that's about to close.

"I think it's an amazing tragedy." Says, Tallahassee resident Jeff Peters.

Peters comes to Miracle 5 Movie Theater in Tallahassee every Thursday.

This will be his last visit, because the theater is closing on Sunday.

Peters says, "I think it's really wrong they didn't give any notice to let people have some closure. What about the people who have been faithful coming all these years."

A spokesperson for Regal Cinema says the company's lease on the building at 1815 Thomasville Road is ending and that it won't be renewed.

The spokesperson says Miracle 5 was targeted as an under-performing theater.

Miracle 5 patron Janis Courson says, "It's heartbreaking. This is the only theater in town that offered art film every day, independent film every day. it was fun to come here and watch the films before the Academy Awards and make sure that I saw each one that I felt would win. It's just a terrible disservice to the community for this theater to close."

The theater has been around since the 1960s.

Randi Buchanan says, "I grew up coming to this movie theater. I remember when it used to cost a quarter. It's the one and only place that i go for movies. That's where I find all the indy films and the arty ones."

Employees say the curtains close for good after the 7:00 showings on Sunday.

A spokesperson for Regal Cinema says most employees at Miracle 5 were offered jobs at the Governor Square Movie Theater.

The Regal spokesperson says they will try to show independent films at Governor Square theater if there are screens available.

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