Family of Fatal Hit and Run Victim Speaks Out

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Suwannee County, FL - October 1, 2012

Ruth Mathis was married to 52-year-old Steven Mathis for 20 years.

Their life together was cut short when a car struck Mathis on the road right in front of their house.

"I ran to him, I tried to give him CPR, but he was gone," said Ruth.

"He was a good husband, good hard working man."

It happened on County Road 137 near 200th Street at about 9:30 Thursday night.

The Florida Highway Patrol said Mathis had called a tow truck to pull his car out of mud in his driveway.

Mathis's step son, Alfredo Gonzalez, saw it happen and showed us where his father was standing when he was hit.

"Suddenly, [the tow truck driver] told him watch out, there's a vehicle coming and as soon as he turned...the vehicle hit him, struck him," Gonzalez said.

He added that his father was thrown a far distance, about 10 to 20 yards from where he was first hit.

"I wish I could've stopped time and pushed my dad out of the way and it would've been me instead of him," Gonzalez said.

As for Ruth, she said Mathis was her everything and he will truly be missed.

"I want somebody, please, please help us out to find this murderer, because he should've stopped and helped him to see if he could do something for him."

FHP Troopers said the car they found shows strong evidence it was the vehicle that hit Mathis. The car was stripped of its license plate and other important material.

Right now they are following leads on possible suspects.

If you have any information about the accident, you are asked to call FHP at 386-758-0519.


Suwannee County, FL - September 28, 2012

Last night at 9:35 pm, FHP responded to a hit and run accident on County Road 137/ 261 feet north of 200th Street in Suwannee County, Florida.

Steve Wayne Mathis, 12/03/1959, of Wellborn, Florida had walked in a southwesterly direction into the northbound lane of County Road 137 from his private driveway. He entered the roadway to make contact with a wrecker driver that had responded to this scene to pull Mathis's vehicle out of the mud.

The tow truck was at a complete stop facing south in the southbound lane as Mathis approached. An unknown make and model, mid-sized, four-door, white in color passenger car was approaching north in the northbound lane of County Road 137. This unknown vehicle struck Mathis in the northbound lane.

Mathis was pronouced deceased at this crash scene by Suwannee County Emergency Medical Service. The vehicle left this crash scene without providing first aid or the required crash information to officers.

**Anyone that has information regarding this hit and run crash is asked to please contact the Florida Highway Patrol.

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