Holiday DUI Arrests

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The Holiday travel season has come to an end with the start of the New Year, and there's good news for drivers in our area.

The Florida Highway Patrol held its first checkpoint of the year beginning New Year's Eve until January 1, 2014 at 2am. While the numbers were low, some groups are looking at another date for possible DUIs.

The Florida Highway Patrol checkpoint Tuesday night off Capital Circle and Crawfordville Highway netted only one DUI arrest and eight drug arrests.

"That's why we do these checkpoints: to raise awareness and educate the public about the dangers of driving impaired," says Lt. Jeff Frost pf FHP.

In fact, a preliminary report from FHP shows there were no traffic deaths in the state of Florida on New Year's Day.

A similar checkpoint was held by Georgia State Patrol in Decatur County, which caught only one DUI arrest.

Despite the holiday travel season being over, many organizations are concerned about drivers on the road after the National Championship Game on Monday.

Law enforcement will be out there; they're very aware that lots of people will be tailgating and celebrating.

Heather Peeples of Mother's Against Drunk Driving (MADD) says having a plan for Monday's showdown will be the key to staying safe.

"Make sure you designate a sober driver. If you do have parties, if you're tailgating, having non-alcoholic beverages on-hand for people who are the DD," says Peeples.

With thousands of fans preparing for the big game on Monday, law enforcement agencies are preparing to make their presence known.

"We'll be out patrolling, looking for traffic violations and impaired drivers, and we just want to encourage everyone to plane ahead," says Lt. Frost.

The preliminary report for the state of Florida says there were two traffic fatalities in Florida on New Year's Eve, but none on January 1.

Lt. Frost says the goal is to have zero each holiday.

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