Homeless People Answer Questions During Homeless Point In Time Count

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By: Bailey Myers
January 27th, 2014

Tallahassee FL- Hundreds of volunteers were out in Leon County today combing through the streets, looking for people. It was part of the 'homeless point-in-time count'.

"I can't hold a steady job. So, i'm out here. This is no place you want to be," explained one Tallahassee woman Julia Huwgley who is living at one local tent city.

Showing us her home she said, "You can see it. It's not much...Very humble." She hitch hiked for a month with her partner, and it led her to Tallahassee. Riddled with health problems Huwgley told us she just can't hold a job and now doesn't know what to do.

"There is a better life for everyone out here and we just have to find it but I don't know how to find it right now," Huwgley explained.

Hundreds of volunteers took to the streets of Tallahassee Monday, taking a survey to find out who these people are, and what resources they might need either in their tents or to help them find more permanent housing.

Vicki Butler works for the Big Bend Homeless Coalition and frequently visits these camps. She told us, "We want people to feel safe and have a place they can call home. So through these survey's we are able to get the funding that we need. We are able to find out exactly what resources and services to provide."

Last year's survey identified around one thousand homeless people in Tallahassee. More than two hundred people were living outside.

"It shouldn't matter if your the deacon of a church or the Governor or the guy here in the tent people are people," said Butler.

The last thing Huwgley told us was, "Don't get here..Anybody can get here, you're just a month away from getting here."

The surveyors will be out again tomorrow morning through Wednesday. On Friday data will be compiled and the Big Bend Homeless Coalition will address the public about their findings.

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