Homeless Shelter Moving Next Door To Day Care

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By: Bailey Myers
October 9, 2013

Tallahassee FL- We also have continuing coverage on a Homeless Shelter's potential move across Tallahassee. Kids ages six weeks to six years come to the Dick Howser Center for Childhood to learn their ABC's and 1-2-3's.

With news of The Shelter moving from Tennessee Street to Pensacola-- just feet away from the Children's Center, things might be changing.

The Director of Dick Howser Center for Childhood Kim Sineath explained, "For us with the vulnerable population that we serve I still feel that the two populations being served so close together is just not compatible."

As of right now this fence is the only thing separating the Child Care Facility and the proposed new location of the shelter. Tuesday night Shelter organizers reassured the public and concerned parents this new emergency shelter would address their main concerns.

The Shelter Director Jacob Reiter said, "Everybody who comes through our doors we will do an intake an assessment that assessment will involve a background check for sex offenses. If you have a sex offense we will arrange transportation for the Care Facility."

"To hear that they were changing their policy about whether or not they would be housing sex offenders on sight sounded like positive steps," said Sineath.

For now, the Dick Howser Center for Childhood has stopped its expansion project-- which has been in the works for two years. Leaders say it's all about the kids-- and they'll need to learn more before moving forward.

The director of the Dick Howser center for childhood also told us they hope to have further discussions with the emergency shelter's officials to learn more about the policies and nature of this shelter.

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