Former Homes and Land CEO Charged with Grand Theft

By Charlene Cristobal
June 2, 2014

A former local CEO is charged with stealing more than $50,000 from his own company.

William Shue, former CEO of Homes and Land, was charged with allegedly raking up personal charges on a corporate credit card. Some of these charges included almost $900 worth of iPads, $2,000 worth of car tires and over $1,300 worth of laptops.

According to Officer Robert Grasso of the Tallahassee Police Department, "The investigation showed William Shue was responsible for embezzling almost $75,000 from the company that he worked for."

Shue turned himself in to the Leon County Jail on May 30th, where he later posted bail. His lawyer, Tim Jansen says that he will plead not guilty and ask to go to trial.

Shue had an annual salary of $350,000. The charges against him are grant theft for more than $25,000 and organized scheme to defraud greater than $50,000.

"In addition to that, he was able to set up a series of payment accounts to various outside vendors and funneled the remainder of the money to these accounts for services that were not rendered," said Officer Grasso. "The investigation showed that he is connected to these other companies."

These companies include and Contracts were signed by Shue on behalf of Homes and Land, however services were not provided to them. The cost for work for Shue's other companies totaled over $26,000.

Eyewitness News has reached out to Homes and Land, but they have not commented on the situation.

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