Hotel Duval To Be Sold

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Emily Johnson
September 26, 2013
-Tallahassee, FL

The current owners of Hotel Duval, Hunter+Harp Holdings have announced that they are selling the jewel of Florida's capital to a Louisville, KY based company Schulte Hospitality Group, Inc.

"Our entrepreneurial goal at Hunter+Harp has always been to identify a need in the market and bring a new experience to Tallahassee," says Hotel Duval owner Chad Kittrell.

Hunter+Harp acquired the hotel in 2007, made renovations to the building and reopened in 2009. Now the hotel is being sold for 23 million dollars

Kittrell also says, "Yeah we're excited this is an opportunity to take something succeeded and kind of pass it on to an experienced operator and allows us to recapitalize and go do another venture somewhere in the city"

The selling of the hotel is under contract and is scheduled to close late October.