Morning House Fire Under Investigation

Tallahassee, FL - Just as firefighters end a holiday fire safety campaign with a decrease in house fires, a Tallahassee man narrowly escaped his burning home.

Tallahassee resident Antonia Hover says it feels like she was shaken from one bad dream to another.

"I was in the middle of a nightmare and all of a sudden I heard the sirens. I woke up."

Hover says she yelled for her two sons. "The house is on fire. At first they thought I was talking about our house. I said, no, the neighbor's."

Firefighters were called to Hover's neighbor's house at 2348 Yorkshire Drive around 8:15 Wednesday morning.

They say the man living there was in the shower, smelled smoke, and was able to grab only a bath towel before running out of the house.

The house fire started just after the Tallahassee Fire Department ended its "Keep the Wreath Green" Program, which they say indicates a decrease in house fires over the holiday season.

"Keep the Wreath Green" is where firefighters hung a wreath on the side of fire station nine to remind the community about fire safety during the holidays.

Every time there was a house fire in Leon County, they switched a green bulb on the wreath to red.

LT Mike Bellamy with the Tallahassee Fire Department says, "Being fire safe isn't an accident. It's not about luck. It's about being prepared, having a plan, having smoke detectors in your home, teaching our children about fire safety."

The campaign ran from November 20, 2011 through January 1, 2013. This season, 22 out of 50 green bulbs turned red.

Firefighters say they believe Wednesday morning's Yorkshire Drive house fire was started by the heating unit.

It is still under investigation. No one was injured. Damage is estimated at $30,000.

Tallahassee, FL - A residential fire occurred around 8:15 am this morning at 2348 Yorkshire Drive.

One person was inside at the time, but escaped to safety.
No injuries were reported.

The Tallahassee Fire Department brought the fire down within a few minutes. Currently, TFD is looking at a heating unit as the source of the fire but the cause is still undetermined.

Damages are estimated at approximately $30,000 dollars.

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