House Blushes Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

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Tallahassee, FL - September 27, 2012

Breast cancer awareness month kicks off on October first, but one local builder started getting in the spirit starting today.

One home in Tallahassee is getting a facelift to help the cause.

From a warm neutral tone to hot pink in two days. Tallahassee Homes builder Porter Chandler decided on Wendesday to paint the home on Cold Harbor Drive in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Porter Chandler, Tallahassee Homes Owner: "I told the homeowner yesterday, while she was putting some flowers in the yard, that we were gonna paint her home pink. But after I revived her, and the paramedics picked her up and revived her, she was ok with it cause she knows it's for a good cause."

Joking aside, everyone stepped up to the plate to make it happen. The paint was donated by Sherwin Williams. The labor is being provided free of charge by K and C Painting.

Connie Brannen, K&C Painting: "Breast Cancer Awareness Month is very important, and the statement needs to be made. This gives us the opportunity to present ourselves to the community and show our support."

The house will stay pink through the month of October. Then, everyone out here today will return to restore it back to it's original color.

Ten painters and other volunteers were on hand to help. Painting began at nine am Thursday and should wrap up on Firday afternoon.

"You gotta go big or go home. So, pink is a great color. The homeowners association is support of it. The American Cancer Society is on board as well. We're just happy to be a part of it."

The builder said for any home sold now through the end of the year, they will donate five hundred dollars to the American Cancer Society.

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