How Immigration Bill Could Affect Florida And Georgia

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By: James Buechele
June 28, 2013

The U.S. Senate's passing of an immigration reform bill still has the nation buzzing.

It could lead to the first meaningful immigration legislation in decades. Opinions on Thursday's immigration bill vary, depending on who you talk to.

"To craft something that [the U.S. Senate] can all accept and vote for I think is great for our country and it's really good for the state of Florida," said Florida state representative Joe Gibbons (D).

The Republican Party of Florida released this statement today:

"Everyone agrees that our immigration system needs to be reformed, and everyone agrees that a top priority for immigration reform is securing our borders. While there may be disagreements among lawmakers on both sides of the aisle on this issue, Republicans won’t hijack the issue as a blunt, partisan tool to score political points, which is exactly what some Democrats have decided to do."

So the Senate passed an immigration bill. How will it really impact people living in Florida and Georgia.

"It'll have a tremendous impact economically, socially," said immigration lawyer Adam Ruiz.

Ruiz, a lawyer in Tallahassee says if the bill becomes law, more immigrants are likely to open up businesses.

"Be able to get a driver's license with that work permit, get a social security card like I was saying and actually have an impact and come out of the shadows."

Farmers across the land could benefit not having to worry about undocumented workers.

"A lot of people in South Georgia would be able to employ more people that are already required to perform those tasks."

Ruiz says there's an estimated 750,000-800,000 undocumented people in Florida alone.

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