How New Gun Laws Effect Organizations In Thomasville

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By: Emily Johnson
July 1, 2014

Thomasville, GA - Many of Georgia's legislative bills became laws today. One of the most significant ones, the "Georgia Safe Carry Act." It allows people who have a concealed weapon license to carry their gun just about anywhere. Including churches, schools and bars as long as they comply with the rules of those places.

"We will be going by the Georgia Law on that. On the law regarding carry the possession of weapons in a school safety zone," said Dr. Craig Wentworth, Southwest Georgia Technical College.

For schools the law says a person with a weapons permit can only have a gun on school property if it is left in the car. Officials at Southwest Georgia Technical College said this new law does effect how they run the college. They said they will have to update their school handbooks as well as post signs to let people know that they are complying with Georgia Law

"So we're just trying to make it clear to our students, visitors, volunteers, contractors and others that come on campus," said Dr. Wentworth.

The Thomasville Police Department said it will help organizations in town who may have questions about the new law.

"We will make sure that our officers are trained to understand what the changes are and if there are any hazards that they need to be aware of that they'll be able to recognize them," said Chief Troy Rich, Thomasville Police Chief.

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