Humanitarians Honored By MLK Foundation Of Florida

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By: Emily Johnson
February 23, 2014

Tallahassee,FL - County Court Judge Nina Ashenafi Richardson and Circuit Judge Charles Dodson are the recipients of the 2014 MLK Foundation's Humanitarian Award for the Big Bend.

"I am so honored because Martin Luther King represented the highest ideals of where our country should be and the dream that he spoke of," said Judge Richardson.

"I work everyday with some many people who are so much more deserving than me, but I am very grateful for it," said Judge Dodson.

The award ceremony was hosted by the Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday morning. The MLK Foundation said the Humanitarian Award is given to people who have demonstrated work in the community by fostering the goals and ideas of Dr. King. "They were selected by people in the community and our board did the screening," said Stephen Beasley, MLK Foundation CEO.

Judge Richardson said she is continuing Dr. King's legacy by treating everyone equal. "As part of the Judiciary I want everyday to make sure I follow our laws that all people regardless of their race or economic standing have justice," said Judge Richardson.

Senator Al Lawson was the Keynote Speaker. Lawson said it's nice to see community leaders working side by side.

"As we end Black History Month, it's very gratifying to know that you can bring so many leaders here together here in this city at this particular time at this church for the celebration," said Sen. Lawson.

The MLK Foundation just celebrated 28 years of serving and helping folks in Florida.

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