Hundreds At Moody Prepare For Deployment

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By Eames Yates
September 27, 2013

Moody Air Force Base, GA - Roughly three hundred Airmen from Moody's 75th Fighter Squadron and 41st Rescue squadron were deployed Friday afternoon to an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia. For many leaving their families is the toughest part. That's definitely the case for Senior Airmen Soriano who had to say goodbye to her one year old baby girl.

Senior Airmen Erin Soriano said "I left her with my mom because her dad is also deploying. So it was hard. I put her to bed so she didn't get a long drawn out goodbye. I just kissed her and put her down. I thought it would be harder for her but it was definitely harder for me. It's hard being a mom and leaving your kid."

For security reasons Moody wouldn't say where they're going, but the base did say they're likely to see combat. Captain Strekowski is part of the Rescue squadron. He says he's living his dream.

Captain Przemyslew Strekowski said "the bottom line is saving lives. From the first time I went to the Air Force Academy that was the first thing I wanted to do was be a rescue pilot and it worked out. So now I'm a rescue pilot and the mission is noble. It's probably one of the most noble missions in the military. And I really appreciate the position I'm in to be able to rescue people."

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