Hundreds of Airmen Say Goodbye Before Being Deployed

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By Eames Yates
March 26, 2013

Moody Air Force Base, GA - Saying goodbye is never easy. But when a loved one is going to war it makes it all the more challenging. The wife of one airmen said "it's tough saying goodbye."

Roughly 350 airmen were deployed on Tuesday to Southwest Asia from Moody Air Force Base. For security reasons Moody can't tell us where the airmen are going to be deployed, but one thing is certain, they're going to be away from their families for about half a year.

Whether it's a babies first steps or a son's birthday, some moments you just can't get back.

Airmen First Class Alex Newport said "I'm getting ready to miss six months of these guys life. And that's going to be hard coming back to see the changes that I missed all that time."

This is Alex Newport's first deployment. For the family he leaves behind, peace of mind is a hard commodity to come by.

His wife Melissa said "we've never gone through this before. We have a three year old and a baby. So making sure that they're okay and kind of just waiting to get that call after he gets there to see that he's okay, that he's made it there."

Moody confirmed that many of the airmen deployed will see combat.

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