Hurricane Sandy Affects Residents with Ties to Our Area

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Tallahassee, FL - At last check more than eight million people in the entire Northeast are without power.

Our own sports director, Jason Hurst, has not been able to get a hold of his family in Connecticut since Monday night. And just this afternoon WCTV interviewed a woman via Skype who was born and raised in Tallahassee, but lives in New York now.

Christina Subramani lives just outside of Manhattan, where she works, and says she has not been able to get to work for days.

"Right now I believe I heard on the news that they are going to supplement with buses to take commuters into Manhattan that work there but I'm trying to wait on the final information on that and if my office is actually open tomorrow," said Subramani.

Subramani lives in Astoria and sent in pictures of the damage in her area. She tells WCTV she is not experiencing any flooding in that area but she is seeing a lot of wind damage.

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