Hyatt Sentenced for Ponzi-Style Scheme

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An airplane engine, a motorcycle, and a newly-renovated home ---these were the perks Eric Hyatt 'picked up' from his job at an Attapulgus, Georgia chemical company.

The only problem was that Hyatt got them illegally, by tweaking invoices and billing his employer, BASF.

From 2007 to 2010, Hyatt passed through the company's gates everyday thinking he could get away with stealing thousands of dollars from BASF, but he was wrong.

South Georgia District Attorney Joseph Mulholland who worked the case says, "BASF, through their own internal audits, had been able to find this discrepancy and turn it over to us for prosecution."

Hyatt was arrested in September of 2010 and had the option to spend time behind bars or pay up.

He chose the latter and at a sentencing hearing April 12, 2011 he was ordered to pay back the $132,000 he'd stolen, plus another $250,000 in fees and fines to Decatur County.

BASF issued a statement regarding the quick resolution that said, "BASF wants to thank the Decatur County Sheriff's Office for its work on this matter. We are pleased that it has reached resolution."

Decatur County Sheriff Wiley Griffin summed it up by saying, one bad egg doesn't mean the whole carton is rotten.

He says BASF has a long history and serves as an 'excellent employment base' for the area.

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