Drive Months Without Filling Up?

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Brandon Daly - husband, father of one, and hypermiler.

A hypermiler is someone who tries to get better gas mileage than the EPA rating by using various techniques.

For example Brandon's Kia Spectra should get an average of 28 miles to the gallon, but he manages to squeeze out 40 - 42 miles.

As Brandon stated, "I'm all about saving gas money."

There are plenty of tricks to the trade of hypermiling so WCTV tagged along to see the mileage master at work.

But even before hopping in the car, there were how-tos.

Number 1, get rid of the junk in your trunk.

As Brandon states, "the weight difference makes more of a difference in city driving in stop and go because it takes more energy to get the weight going and more energy to make it stop."

He inflates his tires to what's printed on the tire, not the lower recommendation from tire shops, and even his footwear plays a role.

Then we were off, but not until Brandon backed down the driveway using his foot and gravity, not the engine.

Brandon Daly, "it's only a little bit of gas but it adds up over a tank"

Most of us will never take the Flintstone approach but there are some things Brandon says everyone can do to improve gas mileage.

Brandon stated, "drive like you don't have any brakes, so don't drive faster than you have to, to come to a complete stop. it doesn't make much sense to burn the gas if you're going to have to stop."

He drives well under the speed limit and takes longer routes if they reduce the amount of times he has to brake or accelerate.

Then there are more extreme measures, like coasting with the engine off.

Brandon says, "so many people think, Oh my God you're going to die. I have full steering control full braking power" (He drives a manual).
"If you have an automatic transmission I wouldn't recommend it. It can damage your transmission."

He closely watches the traffic lights to signal when to turn the key.

He can quickly see how his efforts add up thanks to his gauge.

Brandon Daly, "that's what we've gotten since we left the house, 40.4. We've gone 2.7 miles, the engine temperature is at 149 degrees."

He can go months without filling up his tank.

Brandon also added, "I try to stay out of everyone else's way because it doesn't benefit anyone if I'm wasting everyone else's gas."

So if you pass by this guy pushing his car, he probably didn't run of out gas, he's just saving some.

In fact, Daly estimates he's saved around 1,500 dollars on gas in the past couple of years.

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