Identities Released in Thomas County Crash

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Thomasville, GA- The mangled metal gives you an idea of the intensity of Sunday's car wreck that took the life of 28-year-old Shantrelle Reddick.

Deputies say the driver, 33- year-old Kandi Williams was maneuvering the Isuzu Rodeo around a curve along Georgia Highway 3 in Thomas County, when the car skidded off the road and rolled multiple times.

Weather conditions could have played a role in the crash.

"It is being investigated by Georgia State Patrol, but it appears that it was a one vehicle crash. It appears the vehicle possibly lost control on wet pavement," said Captain Steve Jones with the Thomas County Sheriff's Office.

Reddick was ejected from the car and was pronounced dead on the scene. Williams was also hurt in the crash.

"She was visibly shaken," said Jones. "She had some visible cuts and scrapes and was taken to the hospital, but she was walking and talking when she got in the ambulance."

Neighbors who live off of the highway say unfortunately tragedies like this happen far too often along the narrow roads of Highway 3.

"I've seen many fatalities come off this road," said Lee Reagan, who lives close to the accident scene. "This road is just so dangerous; so narrow, and the curves; it's unpredictable."
Jones added, "We've got to slow down and the second thing is buckle up. If you wont buckle up for yourself, buckle up for your family and for your friends."

Investigators say they do not believe Reddick was wearing a seat belt.

Thomas County, Georgia - December 10, 2012 - The two women involved in a fatal car wreck on Sunday have been identified.

Kandi Williams, 33, was the driver, and 28 year old Shantrelle Reddick was the passenger.

According to the Thomas County Sheriff's Office, the wet road appeared to play a role in the crash.They believe the driver of the car misjudged a turn and the vehicle rolled several times along Georgia Highway 3.

Reddick, who was not wearing a seat belt, was ejected from the car and pronounced dead on scene.

Williams was taken to Archbold Hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Thomas County, Georgia - December 9, 2012 - A woman was thrown from a car and killed this morning in Thomas County.

The Thomas County Sheriff's Office says a woman was driving on GA Highway 3 around 9 this morning when she crashed. Her female passenger wasn't wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the vehicle. She was pronounced dead on scene. The driver is in good condition at Archbold Memorial Hospital.

Investigators aren't releasing their names at this point.

Lt. Steve Jones from TCSO says the driver was going around a curve before the car skidded off the road and rolled over multiple times.

The sheriff's office believes light rain Sunday morning may have contributed to the crash but it is under investigation.

Georgia State Patrol's Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team (SCRT) is on scene trying to determine the cause.

Jones says the county responded to three crashes Sunday morning. The people involved in one of those crashes, weren't injured. Injuries from the third crash are still unknown.

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