Improvements, lawsuits mark I-75 crash anniversary

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Associated Press Release

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) -- This week it will be one year since a chain of accidents on a foggy, smoky Interstate 75 near Gainesville killed 11 people.

The Florida Highway Patrol and the state have taken several steps to prevent a repeat of the Jan. 29 tragedy. The accidents happened shortly after the highway patrol had reopened the road, which had been closed for low visibility.

The FHP has reviewed all of its relevant policies governing road closures. A watch supervisor in each troop is now responsible for the oversight of all significant incidents.

It has trained more than 6,000 sworn Florida Turnpike Enterprise radio communications members and reserve troopers on road closure procedures and protocols.

The agency also now conducts an annual review its road closure protocols with the Florida Forest Service.

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