Ticket Sales for the Atlanta Classic Without Marching 100

Tallahassee, FL - October 1, 2012

The FAMU Rattlers took part in the Atlanta Classic this past weekend.

It's one of the biggest events for the football team due to the money raised for the university.

Without the Marching 100 in attendance, some people were worried the school would lose money this year.

This year's classic did see a big drop in attendance.

This years game hosted a crowd of 41,042, which is a significant drop from last year when 59, 373 fans attended the game.

Tallahassee, FL - September 27, 2012

FAMU is gearing up for one of its biggest revenue-generating games of the season.

And they're doing it without one of the university's biggest money-making machines

Despite worries of not having the Marching 100 there, FAMU administrators say they're seeing the usual frenzy leading up to the Atlanta Classic.

They say ticket sales starting jumping every since the Rattlers won their last two conference games.

When it comes to FAMU Football, the big show often times means halftime with the Marching 100, but this year the band isn't performing.

Michael Jefferson, FAMU Student Body Vice President: "But, the football team will be there. We definitely have to support our nearly 100-year-old football team. So, we're very excited."

The excitement is music to the ears of supporter, some people were skeptical about fans showing up for the 2012 Atlanta Classic since the Marching 100 is suspended this year in the wake of the hazing death of drum major Robert Champion last November.

Raven Weise appreciates the times she's gone to the Classic in the past with her family.

Raven Weise, FAMU Freshman: "I do feel like I'm missing out on the experience as a freshman, as a student being enrolled here, missing out on it, and experiencing it that way. But, I feel bad for the students who haven't had the opportunity to see the "100" in person."

FAMU's sports information director says about 55 thousand people attended last year's Atlanta Classic and says ticket sales are showing its usual trend.

Kier Riley, FAMU Freshman: "I hope that other people still go and just remember the true values of FAMU and remember the band did not make our school, our education did."

FAMU's Sports Information Director says the Atlanta Classic is the number two classic in the country, right behind the Florida Classic in Orlando - in which FAMU also plays.

Administrators say both classics make up about five percent of the university's budget.

Tallahassee, FL - September 27, 2012

Administrators at FAMU have been campaigning for support of the athletics department ever since the band was suspended after hazing incidents.

And that campaigning may have paid off for this weekend's big game.

The Atlanta Classic is Saturday September 29, 2012, and FAMU's sports information director says they've actually seen an increase in ticket sales this week.

He says the Atlanta Classic has sustained its popularity over the past decade, and this year may not be any different.

The sports information director says about 55-thousand people went to the Classic in Atlanta, Georgia last year.

He says ticket sales for this Saturday's game jumped this week, so things are looking to be in line with the usual crowd.

Many supporters say they will not let the fact that the Marching 100 won't be there keep them from attending the Classic.

The band won't be performing because it's suspended for the academic year in the wake of the hazing death of drum major Robert Champion.

R&B legend Chaka Khan will be a part of the halftime show at this year's Atlanta Classic.

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