FAMU Alumni: Robinson Deserves To Be Permanent President

It's been a year since FAMU has been without a permanent president.

Many say the man who's been temporarily filling the position, is good enough to keep it permanently.

Dr. Larry Robinson has been the interim president at FAMU for a year now... and the Alumni Association board stands by its endorsement for Dr. Robinson to be a candidate to have the role permanently.

FAMU Alumni Association President Tommy Mitchell says, "Our graduates are just very excited about the possibility of someone who's proven that he can be a president. As opposed to someone coming in that we're not sure of. Even though their credentials may be good and maybe even do a good job, but I think alumni now are convinced that he certainly deserves to be considered."

Mitchell says a tremendous amount of graduates at national meetings and through emails have expressed that they feel Dr. Robinson has done a great job and they would like to see him as the president.

Dr. Robinson says, "I'm very flattered. But, it is extremely humbling to just be in the role that I'm in. I've had a year now to serve in this capacity. It's really been a wonderful experience most of the time."

The chairman of the FAMU Board of Trustees suspended the search for a new university president back in March.

Mitchell says, "It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because the committee as well as Dr. Robinson was able to make the kinds of decision that has brought the band back."

Dr. Robinson helped in getting a new band director, made changes to combat hazing by appointing new positions and updating anti-hazing policies, and he's working to get the school off of accreditation probation.

"It's very clear that he has demonstrated the ability to lead the institution." Says, Mitchell.

When asked if he would take the job permanently, Dr. Robinson said, "I look forward to continuing to work for this great university in any capacity deemed appropriate."

It was a condition that Dr. Robinson not be in the pool of candidates when he became interim president.

Dr. Robinson says there's a process the Board of Trustees has to embark upon regarding the next president. He says the board has indicated it is not going to initiate that until January.

He says, "We have a lot of time to see what happens in the interim."

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