Internet Community Helps Crack Grandma's Code

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News Release: Associated Press News

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- When Janna Holm's grandmother died 18 years ago, she left her grandkids with a puzzle -- index cards filled with random, indecipherable sequences of letters.

Thanks to the Internet, the code has been cracked. In the weeks before Dorothy Holm died, after she had lost her ability to speak, she was writing out prayers.

Janna Holm says her father found one of the index cards, so she posted it on to see if anyone could solve the mystery.

One user deduced within minutes that each letter on the back of the card represented a word in the Lord's Prayer.

Janna Holm says she doesn't know why her grandmother would have used a code, but it's nice to know what she was focused on in her final days.

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